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An Exe Junction box is suitable for a hazardous and risky environment. The junction box is designed and built to withstand and contain an explosion within the box. Commonly you would install devices inside the junction box that are not appropriate to be placed directly in the hazardous location. Installation of Exe junction box increases the protection safety.

Generally junction boxes without electronic parts that can cause a spark can be used but an Exe "increased safety" method of explosion protection is extremely helpful technique, it is normally commonly used for what would previously have been absolutely a flameproof boxes.

Few of the types include:

GRP Junction Boxes - The GRP junction box has excellent entrance protection qualities. Under flame test conditions the structure holds together regardless of whether the pitch is depleted. The GRP range is additionally accessible with carbon loaded which helps to reduce the surface resistance of the material and consequently reduce the danger of spark from static build up.

Stainless exe boxes - This class of junction box range features a high level of ingress protection. Another advantage of the stainless range is that it is suitable for fire resistance applications. It is designed for simple installation and ease of use applications.

At SPPE our junction box models are dust ignition proof, corrosion and climate safe, and appropriate for wet situations and extreme temperatures. Whether you need another outlet added to your kitchen, a roof fan introduced where there is none as of now, or another devoted circuit added to your carport, a junction box of some kind will be required. In spite of the fact that there are some helpful property holders who are able to do this work themselves, for the vast majority we suggest having an authorized electrician do that kind of work for you.

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