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Highly Advanced Marine | Offshore | Instrument | Moisture Barrier Cables

SPPE is one of the proficient manufactures in development of Marine and Offshore Cables in UAE. The high caliber of quality has been accomplished by persistent technological advancement. SPPE offers a wide range of Marine Cable which incorporates Power, control, signal and instrumentation cables composed essentially for use in offshore & marine applications. SPPE is glad go to serve its specialized Marine and offshore cables to the essential projects of our client dealing in private shipyards around the globe. Our marine, moisture barrier, instrument and offshore cables have the national and worldwide acknowledgment.

Divergent Applications in Marine , Oil and Gas and other Markets

We understand the significance of high quality, solid electrical marine wire and cable. In both wet and dry conditions, marine cables needs to function viably keeping in mind the end goal to perform appropriately. This is the reason that we supply just the best electrical marine wire and cables items which are manufactured from trusted and solid raw materials. Furthermore, we offer marine cables in various designs and configurations which can be customized upon request. We also offer value added services to our clients by helping them to meet the particular necessities for electrical marine, shipboard electrical cables and boat cables. Our Representatives demonstrates proven experience in marine cables products and can enable you to locate marine wire products that suits best for your requirement.

With our comprehensive range of products in marine & offshore cable which can be utilized for purposes pertaining to shipboard wiring, offshore platforms, and other at-sea installations for oil drilling and borings. Our marine cables are intended to perform in extremes of temperatures, both high and low, and to be resistant to unfavorable components, for example, humidity, oil, corrosive, mud's and salt water, as are common in most marine and seaward operational conditions. They likewise agree to an extensive variety of International Standards too.

For more information about our solutions for the marine & offshore industry and to see some of our current studies and analyses on specialized cables like Instrument cables, Moisture Barrier cables etc. please visit our company or contact us