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Why do we need Special Cables

Few categories of cables which are advanced version of regular cables are referred as special cables, for example, Moisture Barrier Cables,Prysmian Cables and Draka Cables. The essential target of water blocking in cables is to obstruct the entry and movement of moisture or water throughout the cable. When moisture is brought into the installation zones it can cause untimely failure of the cable, accessories or electrical equipment. All manufacturers of special cables which are intended for outdoors must address the issue of shielding the surface from the presence of moisture. Numerous manufacturers provide the waterproof trademark to solve the problem. The properties of tight-cushioned, tight bound cable designs is such that it limits the open spaces accessible in the special cable structure in which water can reside. Regardless of whether an external cable coat is cut, or water generally enters the cable structure, only a very small percentage of the cross-sectional area is open to water.

Water penetration impacts the viability of cable in confining the longitudinal movement of water or moisture along the center. This necessity is fundamentally expected to restrict any water infiltration to limit the adverse effect on cable performance and to prevent water or moisture spilling into joints and terminations that may cause corrosion issues. Also, link introduced underground ought to have a high thickness compound sheath material, (for example, poly ethylene) that gives a satisfactory boundary for moisture entry to the cable core. The expansion of a lapped metal tape ('dampness hindrance') and additionally oil or gel inside the center gives considerably higher security against dampness passage.

Modern Cables - Draka | Prysmian Cables

Most of the modern cables are supported well by compound and technological development, fundamental to the viable prohibition of water and moisture in any cable at the pre- and post-installation techniques applied by the installer. Inadequate protection of cable ends in uncovered scenarios should be avoided. All the effort should be taken to ensure that the cable pits and conduits are not flooded and that at time of pulling, effective mastic-filled end caps should be used to avoid force flooding the cable with water. Cable ends should be secured above any high water level in the installation pending final works. At SPPE, we provide the best in class Draka, Prysmian and other special cables. We also supply many other high quality products for cable management solutions.

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